Thursday, November 2, 2017

Charleston Elopement

Eloping was everything I always wanted it to be and more. It was romantic, special, and we were able to focus on one another and have that be our only concern. I loved every moment with my brand new husband and all the experiences we had together.

There seemed like there was a lot of planning involved, but it really wasn't that difficult. We had heard from others that had eloped that they regretted not dressing nicer or taking photos. We hired a photographer, opted for normal wedding outfits, and we got flowers as well.

We began the morning at the local magistrates office, where we were legally married. We held hands and said traditional vows, but waited until later to say our own to each other.

Upon arrival to our hotel (Harbor View Inn), we got ready to meet the photographer. I got in my dress, without him seeing me of course, and before we left, we did our own "first look". He looked so handsome!
We met our photographer, Leslie, at White Pointe Gardens. We spent about 2 hours taking photos, in all the most beautiful places in Charleston. It really was so gorgeous, and we loved how sweet Leslie was. She took photos of us reading our vows we wrote to each other, and we put on our rings at that time. It was so special, and WOW, my husband's vows were incredible. I'm one lucky girl!

That evening we ate dinner together at High Cotton, where I had the most amazing salmon, and Colton, of course, had NY steak. The next few days were spent walking around, holding hands, eating amazing food, riding bikes down Rainbow Row, and kissing on our horse drawn carriage through the beautiful homes.
I highly recommend not only a visit to Charleston, SC, but eloping as well.

Lunch at Magnolia's
Dinner at 225 Grill


  1. Congratulations on your marriage Tyra. Looks like you all created a some wonderful memories. Wishing you two many years of happiness.

    1. Wanda, thank you so much! I so appreciate that!